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Hi guys and gals,
I need to replace the bushings on my Sienna's rear diff mounts. I need all 3 bushings, (1 on the side mount and 2 on the rear mount)
Toyota only sells the entire mount and here in Canada the price is around $500 each.
I'm looking for aftermarket bushings and all I seem to find is FEBEST bushings on eBay, which I have heard from guys on other forums who have tried FEBEST bushings in various applications saying they fail within 30k of use.
Has anyone here replaced these bushings? If so which brand did you use? I also found Siberian Bushings to have a polyurethane one for the side mount (currently out of stock).

Any help is appreciated. I find it very silly that Toyota would not sell the bushings, as the mounts themselves have no corrosion and look in great shape (minus the bushings).
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