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2011 Bluetooth - adjust "beep" volume for voice prompts ?

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Bluetooth has been working well in our 2011 XLE & volume adjusts easily during a call. However, the "beep" that sounds after pushing the steering wheel "talk" button for voice prompts has an unbearably loud volume & pitch. I dread pushing the talk button & try to cover my ears before the beep sounds (so much for hands-free). Is there a way to adjust the volume downward?
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Yes. I don't recall how or if I did this, but I was just thinking today that the beep for voice commands was just a tad too soft for me today, so obviously we have different settings. Sorry I'm not more help, but at least now you know that it's possible and that instructions are probably buried in the owner's manuals somewhere.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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