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2011 Bluetooth - adjust "beep" volume for voice prompts ?

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Bluetooth has been working well in our 2011 XLE & volume adjusts easily during a call. However, the "beep" that sounds after pushing the steering wheel "talk" button for voice prompts has an unbearably loud volume & pitch. I dread pushing the talk button & try to cover my ears before the beep sounds (so much for hands-free). Is there a way to adjust the volume downward?
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After some trial & error, I found the fix --

The beep volume falls under what the manual calls "Guidance Volume"
Adjusting the beep volume concurrently adjusts the sound of the BT system's "voice"

On pg. 512 - the instructions are under the heading SYSTEM SETUP ITEMS AND OPERATION PROCEDURE / sub-heading is SETTING VOICE GUIDANCE VOLUME

As the manual notes, you can only access these System Setup Features by using the Tune/Scroll knob on the radio. I couldn't access these using the steering wheel commands.
By turning the Tune/Scroll knob, you can scroll through the options. Pressing the knob will choose that option. Once I got to the right adjustment option, I used the "Volume" knob on the radio to adjust the volume up or down. I turned the volume down to "1" = pure bliss.

Thanks for the input !
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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