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2011 Sienna A/C Controls: LE vs. Limited

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Does anyone know whether or not the A/C controls from a 2011 (12, 13, etc) Sienna Limited would be plug and play in a 2011 Sienna LE? I'm mostly interested in the AUTO feature, but not sure if I need any additional parts to make it work properly...for instance, the GPS radio for display purposes or any other sensors.

I want to replace this -->
With this -->

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I have a hard time believing that it is as easy as replacing the HVAC control unit. For one thing, the Sienna Limited HVAC control ties into the 3.5 inch display at center top of the dashboard which shows which mode the HVAC is in. Does your LE do that. I would guess that this change would require sensors, one or more ECU"s and some wiring changes. And what about the HVAC control for the rear passengers? Aren't the ones on the LE and Limited different?
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