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2011 Sienna LIMITED - Front End Alignment Problems

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I'm not sure if this is the place to start this thread ... there are so many in this FORUM.

I currently have 52,000 KM on my Sienna. I have had two front end alignments. Both were part of the regular maintenance schedule and required minor adjustments according to the dealer. I hadn't experienced any problems up to that point. After the second alignment I notice the van was "drifting" to the right almost immediately. I have an appointment next Monday to have it checked.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with their alignment on the 2011 Sienna.

I am getting to the point where I am considering looking for third party maintenance/repair services. It seems that perhaps Toyota has gotten too big to pay attention to the smaller details and I for one am getting fed up.
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Similar...there is another topic around here discussing this.
I have 2012 Sienna XLE Limited AWD, My wife drives it around town and it only has 37,000 kms. The front end alignment is so out of whack that the tires have the outside edge worn right down. I feel it should be covered under the warranty, because there is no way my wife's driving caused it. The dealer says it is regular wear and tear and not covered by the warranty. What do you guys think?
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