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2011 SiriusXM TERRIBLE reception. Any ideas?

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The signal on our 2011 LE is terrible... on some trips, we just turn it off because the cutting in and out isn't worth it.
Our other car and previous Toyota all have or had Sirius, and we don't and didn't experience signal in these same this is definitely a problem with the Sienna.

Has anyone diagnosed this issue before? I imagine changing out antennas on an OEM setup will be fun.
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I just experienced this with our 2012 AWD traveling across upstate NY on interstate 90. This one has the XM side of SXM and I was wondering if it was XM(I have Sirius in my Ram with no reception issues) or the radio.. While it's annoying, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I have a service appointment next week so I'll bring it up and see what the dealer says
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