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2011 Sliding door handle - intermittently works

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Year 2011
Model LE AWD

Issue: Rear Passenger Sliding door - Both exterior and interior handles will only open door intermittently

- door will always work and open using power feature if triggered electronically by key fob or overhead console
- with power feature: ON the door handle exterior or interior will NOT trigger door opening
- with power feature: OFF (manual) door handle exterior or interior will NOT manually open door either
- it feels like handle moves freely when not working, like it is not connected to anything
- when it does work intermittently you can feel the resistance point as you pull the handle and a click that opens the is odd that it works manually but only intermittently

So I'm wondering if a) there's anywhere to find sliding door panel removal instructions (can't find anything on this for 2011+) b) anyone else had this specific issue? Could it be one of the cables becoming unlatched in the cable holder and removing the needed tension and then somehow relatching itself to start working again?

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Hey buddy - i have something similar happen. Did you ever resolve this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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