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2013 Sienna LE Bluetooth does not pair

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I bought a 2013 Sienna LE and I cannot get the Bluetooth to pair with my devices. I have deleted the previous owners paired phones and audio devices and it's now back to the initial setup process. I have tried three different devices, a Galaxy S22, Galaxy A71 and a Galaxy S6, all of which fail to pair. I can see "Car Multi-Media" on the phones but when I try to connect they just say "Couldn't connect" and the Sienna radio keeps searching/scanning until it times out. I am not even being prompted for the passkey on the phones.

This is the Type-B radio unit where you use a combination of the tune/scroll button and steering wheel controls to setup a Bluetooth device.

Is there something I'm missing here, a setting on the phones I need to enable? I have no issues pairing these phones with any other vehicle, including a similar in age 2014 Honda CRV. Is there some way to 'reset' the head unit in the unit as I'm assuming it's software related.

Any help is appreciated.

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