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2013 Sienna LE losing power when taking off the cruise control

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Yesterday I had an issue with my 2013 Sienna when I took off the cruise control of losing power. I had the cruise on for about 35 minutes and when I took it off I kept pressing on the gas pedal and nothing happened, no acceleration nothing. I had to coast over to the side of the road and completely turn off the engine. Once I restarted it was fine. I did not use the cruise control again and once back in town I took it directly to the dealership. The dealership cannot find anything wrong with it. Does anyone know what could have happened and been the cause of losing power?
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I wouldn't expect much of a response here- you've posted this in the Introductions forum, which a lot of people don't read.

I'd try asking in the Gen 3 Problems, Maintenance & Repair forum instead. (Or maybe a kindly mod can just move this post there and delete my response from the thread)
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