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2015 DRL mod.

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Just want to share little mod that make your DRL stay on while using turn signal on 2015 SE or Limited. Personally, i hate the DRL going on and off when chaning lane. This mod only take you around 5 mins(removing pin) or 10 sec(cut the wire). Just remove yellow or brown wire in your DRL 4 wires connector and done. :cool:
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I won't do it if I were you. It's a federal guideline regarding safety. This is not only with Toyota but with all other newer vehicles equipped with LED DRL's.

"Audi of America, which offers LED daytime running lights on all its models, says that the LEDs turn off when a turn signal activates because federal regulations say that no lights that are brighter than the turn signals can be on at the same time during daylight hours, which could prevent other drivers and pedestrians from noticing that a turn signal is on."
I don't think its a federal law. 2014+ Acura MDX (Jewel style DRL), 2013+ LS460, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, BMW...etc they all don't turn off the LED DRL (or even dim) when you use the turn signal...
My understanding is that, the guideline applies to vehicles with the turn signals very close to the DRL's. My observation to the vehicles you pointed out is that their turn signal location are far apart that even with the DRL's are turned on, the turn signal visibility is not compromised.
The sienna's OEM turn signal mirrors does not project it's light forward - meant to be visible from the side and back. At night, you can barely notice the turn signal mirrors when looking at it from the front and how much more during day time.
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