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2015 DRL mod.

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Just want to share little mod that make your DRL stay on while using turn signal on 2015 SE or Limited. Personally, i hate the DRL going on and off when chaning lane. This mod only take you around 5 mins(removing pin) or 10 sec(cut the wire). Just remove yellow or brown wire in your DRL 4 wires connector and done. :cool:
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We actually did the upgrade to the '15 lights as well and we actually went a step further. We had the drl stay on the whole time at 100% full on mode even at signals. We also have mirror leds so if the oncoming traffic dont see your turning signals then you shoudlnt be driving. IMO the leds do not outshine the turning signals als because theyre different colors. Wanna make the ambers even brighter? and get the tritons v3's... Thanks me later :)
Hi Cape,

Was this difficult to do? Could you kindly share how to do this?

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