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Hey there! Hoping someone can help me. I have a 2015 sienna xle. When I purchased the car I had to get an SD card for the maps/navigation to work properly (it was a used car and the factory SD card was missing).

Once I got the new SD card all was well in the world and my navigation and maps worked beautifully.

Now just 2 years later my maps/navigation no longer work. It is just a black screen with my GPS coordinates but no actual map and therefore the nav will not work. After looking it up it says I need to update my nav/maps but I dont have this map toolbox that it tells me to log in to. I also thought I would try the scout GPS link but it tells me to use the Toyota app to add it to my connected services/accounts and the Toyota app doesnt even give me the option to do any of that. Then I read that the scout GPS app is garbage so I would really just like to use the GPS included in my car.

How do I fix this? The Toyota dealership here in SoCal was ZERO help. They told me it automatically updates and I must have done something to it now they want me to purchase a new SD card from them which they quoted me $350. Hard no.

If I reset all data will it fix it? Will that mess up anything else?
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