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2015 SE Premium - Traction Control Off - Check Engine light On!

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I have a 2015 SE Premium and all of a sudden, today morning while taking the car out of the garage, i noted the below issues:
  • Traction Control OFF
  • Check Engine Light ON
  • Check Charging System ON
    • Another indicator on during this as well which I don't know about.
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Considering I have only had it for about 3 months and hit 3766miles on, its surprising and a bit of a shocker to see this.

I have an appointment at Toyota Sunnyvale [where I purchased] to have it looked at. Hopefully I'll have something good to report about by 10/22/2015.

Any advice on if I should keep driving this till tomorrow?

Thank you all,
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Hey guys a little late to the thread on this one but I recently had the same code P107D come up on my Sienna SE (2018) with 27k miles. Im not sure how or why this happens but a good mechanic friend of mine pointed me immediately to this "common" problem and it is now fixed. It is some sort of position or temperature sensor that the wire breaks on the pigtail. A little solder and some heat shrink and it was fixed. I too had the traction control off message as well.

SIDE NOTE: I wasn't able to clear these codes to get the check engine light to go off right away. Everytime I cleared it, it would come back immediately.... It was recommended to me to try to clear the DTC codes while the engine was running and magic happened. I heard a change in the RPM's as it lowered, the light cleared, and it idled so much smoother. After a few hundred miles with no issues I can confidently say it's fixed.
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