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2015 SE Premium - Traction Control Off - Check Engine light On!

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I have a 2015 SE Premium and all of a sudden, today morning while taking the car out of the garage, i noted the below issues:
  • Traction Control OFF
  • Check Engine Light ON
  • Check Charging System ON
    • Another indicator on during this as well which I don't know about.
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Considering I have only had it for about 3 months and hit 3766miles on, its surprising and a bit of a shocker to see this.

I have an appointment at Toyota Sunnyvale [where I purchased] to have it looked at. Hopefully I'll have something good to report about by 10/22/2015.

Any advice on if I should keep driving this till tomorrow?

Thank you all,
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The last indicator is: Electric Power Steering System Warning Light according to the manual: Indicates a malfunction in the EPS (Electric Power Steering) system→ Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately.

I would suggest not disconnecting the battery now. While it may resolve the problem, the solution would be temporary at best, and you don't want dealer to not find any problems at this point. I have a feeling your charging system is malfunctioning. If battery or alternator is the problem, chances are sooner or later the battery will be depleted and you will be stranded on the road. I suggest if possible, get another ride until your car is fixed. You also have Toyota roadside assistance. I suggest you utilize it to tow your van to your dealer. I wouldn't take a check engine, power steering and brake malfunction indicator lightly.

I am willing to bet the problem source is a small part malfunctioning and things would be resolved within the day if not within the hour. Good luck
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Much ado about nothing then! Poppy was right, to suggest you to reset the battery.

Well at least you have the record with Toyota, in case the problem comes up later and beyond warranty period.

Happy and safe driving to you as well! My daughter's four year old classmate was killed by a car in front of her school yesterday, while she was crossing the only street separating the school from her home right across the street; with her mom watching from the porch. Some stuff shakes you to the core. Had to share this, hopefully my fingers stop shaking soon.
Ousio, if the battery and alternator tests are coming out fine, I suspect, you have a bad battery connection. Till date, I recall we've heard only from one another poster apart from you from the 2015's.
Also, I have a feeling somehow your battery maybe suffering from low charge. Perhaps because of short commute and likely drains to a precarious level during start-stop process. For example, I have seen that the rear overhead entertainment system if left on for long while the engine is not running, drains battery significantly and very quickly. Once the dealer fixes your car, see if you want to invest in a good battery top up system such as the battery tender

Hope you get a resolution quickly. Please post on the progress and how they resolve your problems.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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