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2015 SE Premium - Traction Control Off - Check Engine light On!

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I have a 2015 SE Premium and all of a sudden, today morning while taking the car out of the garage, i noted the below issues:
  • Traction Control OFF
  • Check Engine Light ON
  • Check Charging System ON
    • Another indicator on during this as well which I don't know about.
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Considering I have only had it for about 3 months and hit 3766miles on, its surprising and a bit of a shocker to see this.

I have an appointment at Toyota Sunnyvale [where I purchased] to have it looked at. Hopefully I'll have something good to report about by 10/22/2015.

Any advice on if I should keep driving this till tomorrow?

Thank you all,
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Hi all, thank you for the immediate replies. :)

I took it into the Toyota Service centre here in Sunnyvale. Service attendant looked and said the same stuff you guys shared. They are having the alternator checked and the battery looked at.

I resisted the urge to reboot the battery and just took it in. Its only been 3months and less than 4000miles, so its all under warranty.

I should know in a few hours as to what happened and how soon I can have the Sienna back. I'll update once I hear back.

Thanks again everybody.

Hi all,

Update from Service: We have rebooted your battery and reset all the systems. The 'Check Charging System' should be an anomaly, please do bring it back in immediately should it show up again.

They seemed to think that this shouldn't be happening on a 3month old car with less than 4000miles on it. Which is my thought as well. It's concerning and hopefully the problem goes away. And yes, I will remember to close my fuel-cap tightly seeing as that can also lead to the same 'Check Engine' light!

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and suggestions,

Happy Driving
Yea, I was tempted to do it myself but since its only been 3months, I knew warranty would cover it. And like you said, its in the record with a Toyota Service now. So, should this pop up again, I'll have reference.

Thanks for the warning, i have a 4-year old and drop her daily at school. My deepest condolences to the family that is suffering the loss. Its saddening and deeply disturbing to hear of such fatalities near the school. Hope your daughter is fine and you are too.

Happy & Safe driving,
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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