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2015 Sienna Limited Cruise Control Stalk Light Blinks at night

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Purchased a 15 Sienna Limited FWD in September. Van has been great so far. We noticed last night that the cruise control stalk light blinks intermittently. Car only has 1500 miles!!! This is only a problem at night since that is when the light is on. Sounds like this may be a ground wire issue but I do not want the dealer to experiment on my car. So, I will wait until a repair update or TSA is issued.

I see this has been a problem for a while and thought I would start a thread just about this topic and see how many of you have this issue also. Then we can take this to our dealership and show them how big of a problem this is on the sienna.

Power in numbers is what I am thinking.

For now a piece of electrical tape over the cruise control stalk will solve the problem. LOL
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I can finally replicate this problem at any time. The steering wheel to stalk has a "dead" zone that is so small that it seems like a flicker. I have a couple actually. One is like a mm from center, so when driving down a straight road, the very minute corrections on the wheel made it seem like a vibration caused short. Now that I know where the spot is, I can make the stalk flicker and go out at will. Someone had mentioned a dead area on the clock spring in the steering wheel could cause this? I'm scheduling an appt in a couple weeks. At least this time I can replicate it.
Wow nice work -- in hindsight makes perfect sense I had noticed mine when driving down the highway at night, straight line. Let's hope your finding makes it's way to all the dealerships with a fix...
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