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2018 Sienna Noise After Shut Off

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I have a 18’ Sienna that just started making a noise when I shut the vehicle off. The closest thing i can describe it to is like someone tried to pass gas quietly but it ended up being louder than expected. Once its off, it almost sounds like air is being released from a hose or valve. Its hard to tell if its coming from under the air intake (in the back) or if its coming from the front. Can anyone help identify this problem?
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Are you sitting in the car quitely when this happens? Or did you get out of the car and shut the door and then you hear the noise?
so once i come to a complete stop. I turn the car off. once the engine completely stops running, its dead quiet for about 2-4 seconds and then it makes a airy type of squeek noise.
If the A/C has been on, it may be the system equalizing pressure when it's first turned off. I have not heard that on ours, but we are usually making noise opening doors and grabbing stuff after shut off.
I dont think its the AC system. I feel its more of a PVC related issue but im not too sure
You're hearing the evap canister purge valve (more specifically, the solenoid that opens and closes that valve.) It's part of the emissions system. It's purpose is to allow fuel vapors to enter the evaporative canister, condensate back into liquid, and be returned to the fuel tank. It's often active in warm weather after you shut off the engine.
Is it hard to replace? would you happen to know if its near the back side of the engine?
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