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2019 SE windshield - does it have UV protection?

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Does the Sienna come with stock UV protection or Tint on the windshield? Our side windows were already tinted when we bought our SE from the dealer but I don't recall if the windshield was similarly treated. We recently had to replace the windshield and our insurance required us to go through Safelite who of course used non-OEM glass. Safelite says the glass is pretty much exactly the same (and probably made by the same manufacturer as OEM). There does seem to be much more heat coming through the windshield and my wife is complaining about light aberrations (sunbursts from car lights etc). She's ready to raise a ruckus so I am trying to figure out if a OEM windshield would've been any better.

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I did not like the amount of heat coming in from our big front window. I added the lightest shade of ceramic film to the windshield, front side windows and the moon roof. It really reduces the heat and I don't notice any distortions. It's not legal in many states, but the light tint is not noticeable and it has 99% UV blocking.
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