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2019 Toyota Sienna AWD Tyre Replacement

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Any recommendations for tire replacement
I had Bridgestone turanza from company worn in 26000 miles. I am looking for RFT since no spare tire for AWD.
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If you do convert from run-flats to regular tires, instead of carrying a spare tire, I suggest carrying a Slime tire repair kit or equivalent and perhaps also a tire plug kit.

Even if you were to carry only an inflation pump, using it can often allow driving to the nearest travel repair shop sometimes stopping occasionally to add more air. I've done this several times including one time when I had a large bolt puncture and ruin a tire. A slime kit can allow driving hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles as long a it's a regular relatively small puncture away from the tire shoulder. A plug kit takes a lot more effort to use and is useful when whatever caused the puncture is no longer in the tire or when especially far from a tire repair facility.
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