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Like the title says, I just drove a Pacifica Hybrid for work. Total this week will be around 2,500 miles. So, what did I like / dislike about the van?

The plusses:
  • Fully electric vehicle for the first 30 miles. This one doesn't have a charging cord, but I have one at home for our C-Max
  • Seats are very comfortable, even after being on the road for 14 hours on and off.
  • Feels quick! Says it is slower than the regular Pacifica, does not feel that way at all.

The Minuses:
  • Fuel economy outside of electric mode is poor, often worse than other minivans. I averaged 26 MPG, and needed to fill it up every few hundred miles (300-400) even with starting with a full battery.
  • The uConnect5 system looks nice, but is absolute garbage. The screen restarted four times in one day. Later, the radio would play for a second, and cut out, in all sources. Required a complete reboot of the car. The home screen also would not work right, the large majority of the time, the tiles would be frozen. So good luck knowing what song you're listening to, or seeing the hybrid information. The only tile that worked, until it went black and didn't come back, was navigation. Which was needed for this trip.
  • A lot of rattles, bangs, and noises for 60k miles. The Sienna Hybrid that we also had on the lot did not do this.
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