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2021 Sienna LE Rear View Mirror Upgrade

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My wife was missing her Homelink garage door opener that she had on her 2012 Sienna LE, so with some help from Bob Prim at 100066-NEW Advent/Gentex Frameless Auto Dim Rear View Mirror I was able to drag the 2021 LE back to 2012 with an auto-dimming rear view mirror with Homelink and it's plug and play. And in the interest of cutting back on words, here's the pictures.

The first item that pops off is the small cover around the mirror mount which releases close to the headliner. The main cover then slides down the windshield towards the wipers.

Next is the overhead center console. It has tabs towards the rear and regular interior fastening clips forward. It will make you think something is going to break, but with enough force the front clips will release and you will have access to the mirror connector, which is clipped into place right above the windshield. The new mirror has the exact same mount as the original and it utilizes a torx T20 bit.

Pin 1 is Battery, Pin 2 is Ignition, and Pin 4 is Ground. The mirror you will receive from Bob will have a harness about 10 inches long that will easily connect under the overhead console and will have just two wires for Pin 2 and 4, the ignition and ground.

The headliner has dog house shaped cutouts that you can easily run the mirror wire through and make your connection with the factory wire loom. After that it's a simple matter of snapping the overhead console back in place and then the mirror trim pieces back in place. Last item is programming the new Homelink system. The Homelink website provides the procedure HomeLink. I used the "I have aftermarket Homelink" and then insert your particular garage door opener and follow the instructions. I was originally looking at Amazon for the mirror and found Bob's site as I was looking for a simple connector between the mirror and the vehicle. He has it all figured out, just let him know in the comments when you place an order what vehicle you have. I would highly recommend him, easy transaction and fast shipping. Next project is the Torklift Ecohitch!!!
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Just found out that he now has the 2021 Toyota Sienna listed on his site. No need to tell him which pins are what. 100073-NEW Advent/Gentex Frameless Auto Dim Rear View Mirror
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Thanks @imadesertdog. Just ordered this set up and looking forward to auto dimming the nighttime laser beams.
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Ordered bob’s mirrors as well. Easy install.
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