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Having the discharge issue on my 2022 sienna limited. Happens randomly, 4 times in 3 months. Just parking it overnight and coming back the next day it can be dead. Dealer has had it twice, replaced the 12v battery. Still happens. Not sure about the first two times, but the last two times it died after driving through snow and parking overnight. I grab a meter and check voltage in the battery in the mornings now. Most days it's acceptable 12.4-12.6v (should be more like 12.8v), on "dead" days it's 11.7v or less. A few days ago, I measured 11.7 and it was too dead to start...told me I wasn't pushing the brake some sensor or controller wasn't getting enough voltage to function. As soon as I gave it a boost from a charger, everything powered right up.
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