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You can't get printed copies of service manuals anymore from any of the major brands that I am aware of, at least legal ones. Everyone has shifted to a subscription-based system. The official repair info is available at

You can get 2 day, 1 month and 1 year subscriptions. A 2-day subscription costs $20, a month is $90, and a year is $480. Once you have a subscription, you can view everything for most any Toyota vehicle. You can print sections for future use, including print-to-PDF and save PDFs. The only annoying part is each individual section must be viewed and printed separately.

I've currently gotten 3 different subscriptions. One to just check it out and downloaded a couple things I thought I needed. One for when my water pump died. And a third for when I started planning my 120,000 mile spark plug maintenance. I try to think of things I may want to do or that are scheduled to be done in the near future and download those while my subscription is still valid. If someone was very motivated, it's quite possible (though very tedious) that that person could download the entire service manual for one vehicle within a 2-day subscription period. When my water pump went out, I wasn't very good at planning my time and forgot to get on and download the parts for my spark plugs as I originally intended.

But without giving myself the day job of downloading manual sections, I've still collected quite a chunk of it for future reference. For example, on my 3rd 2-day subscription when I got the info for spark plugs, I tried to download quite a bit more of things I thought I might need. Specifically pretty much everything related to the front and rear suspension, drivetrain (except most parts of the transmission, because except for fluid changes and easy fixes if I have an issue just gonna take it to a transmission shop for a rebuild), and steering, info on the sliding doors since those seem to go bad eventually, parking brake info cause I think I'll need to adjust that soon, information on taking apart the door trim cause I noticed my driver side window inside seal was folding down when the window was rolled down, so that needs to be fixed, and removing the headliner because I may run solar panel wires through the cellular antenna hole in the roof. Also browsed and downloaded a number of technical service bulletins I thought may be relevant (the subscription is not just for repair manuals, but technical service bulletins and wiring diagrams too).

All in all, I'd say I have quite a decent collection for $60. Not too shabby, especially considering on prior vehicles I wanted to buy factory service manuals, but could not locate any for purchase, except shady $30 eBay disks I didn't trust. Even if I would have been able to find one, I would have expected to pay $400-$600 for it. That's about 25 2-day subscriptions, so it's unlikely I'd ever spend what I would have spent on a complete manual with these 2-day subscriptions over the life of the van. Here's my $60 collection:
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