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9005 Cree headlamp for DRL/HighBeam

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As topic, has anyone tried anything similar to this for their DRL? or perhaps anyone with the knowledge of how this would work on the socket as there is only a minor pulse on DRL and only full power if turned on...what I'd like to know is the compairson to the 100W Xenon bulbs. 1. the light output while on DRL. 2. The light output while on HB. (PS. someone told me that 100w would kill my fuse, which is what I have on now...anyone?)

I could not find any related numbers about the Xenon bulb lumen...supposingly around 2000 when high beam is on. and the Cree is 300 only...but since I don't use HB, I'd like to know the two are compared at DRL.

I've posted pictures as well.

1. Cree light found on ebay. 2. Cree light found on DealExtreme. 3. 100w Xenon light.
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