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ABS Codes 2001 Toyota Sienna

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Hello, my ABS light came on unexpectedly about a week ago. I pulled the codes on it and got: 33, 42, 54.
Code 33 is a problem with the rear right wheel. Haven't looked at it yet, but I know I'm going to need to check the speed sensor on it. My problem is that I cannot find any information on codes 42 and 54. I am 100% positive these numbers are correct, as I have triple checked them to be sure. Internet and forum searches have not returned any results for them, though. Does anyone have any info on what these are? I'd rather investigate them versus try and fix just code 33 and reset the light.
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The codes could all be related to the speed sensor having come off (usually due to corrosion with our vans). Do a visual on that right rear sensor, to see if it's in place.

How did you pull the 2-digit codes? Code reader? Jumper the DLC3 terminals?

I don't have my repair manual with me while traveling, but check out:
I haven't had a chance to fix it yet, but those odd codes are probably related to code 33 somehow. The rear speed sensor did in fact break off and was dangling. When I reinserted it into the rear hub the ABS light went off. Of course, it won't STAY there when I drive, but I believe all three codes were related to this one issue and should go away once I replace the whole thing. Thanks for the reply.
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