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Adaptive Transmission reset tool other than Bitstreram, 2011

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Anyone found a less than $500 stand alone tool/scanner that will reset the adaptive transmission data? Not looking to re enter the transmission compensation codes, but reset the stored adaptive/learned data.

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Found a used Snap-On Solus Ultra at my price point. Can confirm the 17.2 software does indeed allow the adaptive transmission data to be reset.
Issue has been none of the 3rd party bi directional scanner makers ( Autel, xtools, Foxwell, Ancel) have been unwilling to confirm their mid range ($500-$700) products will do the Toyota specific transmission reset. Thus this post; was looking for a hands on confirmation before dropping the $$$.

BTW, two dealerships insisted the transmission was bad, couldn’t be repaired, and had to be replaced. That was over three years and 70,000 miles ago. Simple reset was the answer.

As they say, your experience may vary…….
1 - 3 of 4 Posts