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Any Previa and AllTrac lovers have advice for someone transitioning to the Sienna? I'm probably just looking for commiseration, but, eh, I should at least check and see if anybody has anything to tell me.

We just sob retired our Previa AllTracs. Time to move on. I've been driving those stupid egg-shaped fun machines since 2001, and I spent three years in a Pointy-Van before that. I HATE this. I do not want a Sienna. I want another Previa. And it's impossible. They're just too d*** old now, and we live in the rust belt.

Everybody seems really happy with their Siennas except for the Previa people, whose smiles would be bittersweet at best. They love their Siennas but they've always got this sort of "kicked-out-of-eden" thing going on...
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