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Hello Peeps!!! :0:0:0

I know there are many of you like me out there that are in a similar boat. so here it goes, I will keep this post updated as I progress through my install process. But before I start the journey I have couple of questions and might need to pool in the knowledge and expertise of some folks on here that can guide me to make this process easy.

This one is for 2005 Sienna XLE LTD.

So I am going with the below aftermarket unit...reason being it is a nice branded item and cheap on is the link and I am not looking to dump a grand on a nav...I am looking for best bang for my $$$ plus need the basic functions as the aftermarket unit no matter what I do WILL NOT GIVE ME COMPLETE OEM compatibility. so here it goes...the link to the unit that I short listed...

You may choose something else based on the size of your wallet or functionality requirement :0. Now besides the above you will need an adapter to interface your steering wheel control with the head unit and if like me if you have the JBL synthesizer sub woofer/audio system you will also need an adapter to access the JBL audio system or else you will not here any sound coming out of the head unit.

There are 3 major players in the market for the above mentioned adapters.

1. Metra (you will need to buy the following)
For the JBL audio interface the below (Metra TYTO-01)
For the steering wheel interface (Metra Axxess ASWC-1)

2. PAC (you will need to buy the following)
For the JBL audio interface the below (PAC TATO)
For the steering wheel interface (PAC SWI-RC)

3. Crutcfield patent (Crux SWRTY-61J)-NOW FOR THIS ONE YOU JUST NEED THIS ONE ADAPTER THAT WILL DO BOTH THE FUNCTIONS OF CONTROLLING THE STEERING WHEEL AS WELL AS CONNECTING TO THE JBL AUDIO SYSTEM....BUT IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE ABOVE OPTIONS....but might work better as the space behind the head unit is very limited and it might get really cramped behind the HU to fit all these harnesses and their appropriate control modules.

Help me choose an option above. Also here is my question. ???

Has any one out there done this install?
I am looking for complete detail of the OEM harness; as the install may require for me to connect some wires to the OEM harness? especially the rear view camera wiring? does any one have the wiring schematic that explains the OEM wiring Harness.

Let's begin this journey that will help fellow members as well.;D

Thank You

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I was interested in your thread regarding the jensen hu.

I too don't want to sink in $500+ for a nav unit but at the same time don't want to go too cheap either.

I've gotten away with using nav on my phone so far, but there were times I didn't want to rely on the cell reception (mountain).

I've installed an eclipse unit in my 06 LE so I can't help you there regarding tying in with the jbl amp...
I had the eclipse reverse camera so there was no fiddling around with the oem wire harness.

For a basic system, it's pretty easy with the toyota harness:
Here's a basic schematic (google image) but you'll probably have to find one with the oem jbl amp:

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I'm interested in your writeup, but the forum required 10 characters for a post. It didn't consider "following" to be 10 characters.
lol lol lol lol lol
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