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Aftermarket second row heated seats kit install

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Got my van on 12/21/22 and have slowly been adding some mods. Today I started on the second row heated seats. What a royal pain in the a….fingers. The seat covers are held together by two zippers on the side and a long seam clip in the back. I’ve installed lots of things in my vehicles and this one has got to be the most difficult. I was able to get all 4 heating pads in before the sun went down, so I’ll complete the wiring part tomorrow. Here are some pictures:
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This is great! Is there a kit for the front seats too? My wife's butt is cold in the LE.
Awesome! Now my wife can finally have a hot butt! (she's clearly not on this forum to see this) Which brand did you use here? All of the ones Im seeing look to be only for the seat bottom.
Thanks for the tips so far! I ordered the same kit from Amazon and should get it by the weekend. If you have a moment (no hurry) can you describe where you patched the power in from a bit more? Did you run wire all the way to the rear? Would the 120v outlet right there be an option?
The kit comes with two fuse holders with 2-10amp fuses. You’ll need an extra relay. I wired it straight to the battery in the back. I used a fuse tap and connected it to the fuse of the number one USB outlet (only on with ignition) to trigger the relay. I ran the wiring underneath the carpeting. It’s easy to pull up.

This job will take a good day. It took me 3 hours to disassemble the seat cushions and put in the heating pads.

Wiring it took me another good 3-4 hours. I might have had a few drinks when I was doing this. . It was unseasonably warm here in DFW.

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Gotcha, thank you! I already have some fuse taps coming with seat mats because Ive done similar work before. Did you just grab a generic relay from an auto parts store or did you put a Toyota specific one in somehow? Also, what drinks do you recommend? :ROFLMAO:
@jgwin214 Did the rear seats have these little clip thingys in the "indents" of the cloth of the seat back? I dont want to pull on them too hard as I cant see that well in my garage with just the lights on. I know you used the battery in the rear for direct power but Ive seen several YouTubes where people used a fuse tap on a front fuse box. The front box on the SE has a 15A circuit for P.Outlet #1 and since Im only doing the drivers seat and rarely use the power outlet, Im thinking of using that. What say you? Thanks again for your help! :)

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Thanks for the reply! I saw what the clips were in the daylight and just finished the drivers seat. Was pretty straight forward and easier than I thought it would be. I left the seat in the vehicle and just squeezed my hands into places to detach the covers. I did cut through the heating elements (not all the way obviously) so allow the cloth retainers to reach back into the foam indents so I was able to reattach all of the clip points. I used the P.Outlet1 15 amp fuse spot and a fuse tap with a ten amp fuse inserted for the seat heating circuit. Removed the entrance sill trim and ran the wires behind there to the side of the seat and then up through the carpet in the same hole that the factory harness runs through. Thanks for all your help! The wife now has toasty buns.
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