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Wow I havent been here in like forever... Nice to see many new members here!!

But about Air suspension! Yes mowmow is correct in that many of the bagged Siennas including me had UAS over megans. Number one reason we went that route is because before anybody bagged the Sienna we all were on the Megan coilovers. I personally had it for more than 3 years and frankly its a very ok system. The ride is not too bad but I definitely wouldnt be able to compare it to stock. Airrunners on the other hand ARE very close if not dead on like stock. Because Ive put a good amount of miles on my megans, I decided I wanted to upgrade. Lets just say since I switched even the wife loves driving the van. We also got pretty close with the owner of Airrunner and hes a very genuine down to earth enthusiast of his products and yes as of today almost half the group have just ordered new airrunner struts. I couldnt be happier with my setup and although airbags make your van look cool it actually has many features that can enhance your daily use of the van. some features:

1. auto leveling system eliminates sagging of van due to weight
2. easy entry/exit for elders and kids. (think of buses)
3. anti theft. cant steal wheels or drive off van if wheels are tucked.
4. if you like that lowered look but also the versatility to clear obstacles.
5. ride COMFORT. better than stock IMO. more responsive but still smooth.

thats just some of the features I can think of at this moment and the ONLY REAL DRAWBACK? price. It would set you back around 3600 and up depending on the management you choose. Do I think it's worth it though? HELL YEA! SO much so that I plan to bag my odyssey as well soon with AIRRUNNER!

If you guys wanna see more modded vans check out :)


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