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Many dealerships are still asking over 5K cash markup?

Amazed that all these manufacturers/law makers are staying silent. These dealerships are largely responsible for bringing a recession to the auto industry. Minivan is not a pleasure or a sports car, it's a basic means of transportation for many large families, this is a very broken system. Used car market tends to follow new car prices. IMO, this price gouging is one of the reasons for the price volatility in used car market.

Why am I ranting? I need a fuel efficient van for my family of 6, can't buy lightly used because the prices are close to or higher than new MSRP, can't buy new because these f'in stealerships are greedy. BTW, I'm in a waiting list at Toyota Oakland since September, haven't received a single call yet. Tried calling dealerships in CA, OR, NV, AZ - no luck.

I may have to settle for an Odyssey. I'm seeing a lot more inventory of those cars, I think I can score a less than MSRP deal!

1 - 1 of 36 Posts