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ANNOUNCEMENT: Revised Forum Rules

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03 May 2009

Dear Members and Guests --

We've made some revisions to our Forum Rules & Privacy. Please review them here:

Forum Rules & Privacy;id=3

We want to keep things simple and believe most of us know how to behave, but we have had to formally implement a few rules to help keep things friendly and tidy. The revisions allow us to continue providing a healthy and productive community for all of us to enjoy.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

-- Your SiennaChat Administrator/Moderator Team
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As some of you may have inadvertently discovered recently (on or about Thanksgiving Day 2009), there were a limited number of inappropriate images posted within our community.

Please accept our sincerest apologies to our many members and guests for being inadvertently exposed to those images. We do not tolerate or accept the usage of our forum for posting porn, spam, or other less savory aspects of the internet, and make every effort to utilize automated systems as well as manually patrol, screen, and monitor the postings on the forum as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is a never ending battle and occasionally something does momentarily slip through the cracks, but we do immediately remove any inappropriate material as soon as it comes to our attention.

Per our posted forum rules and policy, the offending member has been BANNED (as have many others). However, as you may know, that person (whomever he/she is) will likely re-invent him/herself and come back again under a different username with a different e-mail address and gain access to our forum from a different internet connection.

Please use your own discretion and be wary of suspicious or dubious sounding topic titles. If the topic is already describing elements that would lead you to believe there are inappropriate images or offensive content within the thread, then do not click on that topic. This is your community too, so if you should discover any inappropriate material within a posting, please report the offending post. There is a link [Report to moderator], that is located near the bottom-right side of EACH separate post. By "flagging" an inappropriate post, it will be logged and the site-owner will be notified. Although we cannot promise that a reported post will be removed "immediately" that instant, we will investigate it and remove it if necessary as soon as possible (we do sleep and have jobs, and family too ;D ;D ;D ). Abuse of the report/flagging function may also result in a member being banned, so please use it only when appropriate.

We remain vigilant to the misuse and abuse of our community, and value any assistance, comments, and suggestions from our members. Thank you for your continued support of and contributions to SiennaChat.

Happy and Safe Holidays to All!

-- Your SiennaChat Administrator/Moderator Team
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Thanks Topspy!
Thanks Topsy. 8) was a bit of a shock to see some guy's hog shoved up some girl's skeester. :eek:

Thought maybe it was some new "tail-gate" forum! :D
Hey no problem it is a never ending battle against good and evil.

I always wonder what the ultimate reason is?

I thought the topic was about someone ketting rear ended ::)
komondor said:
I always wonder what the ultimate reason is?
Just somebody being an a$$hat, I guess. But with a 2 and 7 year old runnning around in the very room I'm typing in right now, not to mention a wife with ESP, I have to watch out for the NWS stuff. :-\

Luckily no little curious eyes saw the "rear-end collision". ;D
Sorry I was busy cooking some turkey and didn't come on the forum. Yikes... thanks for the alert and it's removed swiftly.
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