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Any alternative fixes for broken door check strap weld?

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I've got the dreaded door check strap weld that broke after the warranty for it expired. I'm not paying ~$1k for a repair that might fail again or $2k to get the entire door replaced with the new bolt style plate.

So I'm wondering if any of you have tried some alternative method of fixing it that doesn't require taking the entire door apart. In my particular situation, only the bottom weld broke, so the cup flops around making banging sounds each time the door check strap decides to pop in or out. I'm thinking maybe a strong epoxy or even superglue might be able to grip that bottom piece of metal well enough to make a good fix. Since the only pressure pulling apart the glue would be the door check strap pressing in, maybe the glue is enough.

Has anyone tried this as a fix? Any reason you think this would not work?

I've gotten so used to and annoyed with the sound of the drivers door pop, that when I enter the passenger side the rare times I do, it feels so good to open a door and hear nothing and feel no ridiculous resistance. I really want to get the drivers side fixed, I wish toyota wouldn't have set such a low time limit on this warranty. These things don't break on any other car I've ever seen.
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I did have mine welded. The cup was too far gone to try to bolt together and there was not enough material to bolt through. As for gluing, no type of adhesive would ever hold the cup, none are strong enough.
I took the door panel off, then removed the entire door & took it to my favorite body shop, since I'm too cheap to pay them to R&I the door. It's really not a bad job. They replaced the spot welds with plug welds, then spot-painted the welded area. Looks better than new. Cost me about $175. No question, this was the best repair option.
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