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So after having asphericals on my vehicles and driving the Sienna for roadtrips it was time to find a mirror option for the Sienna. Found one on Aliexpress that needed some slight modifications taking 2 minutes on the blind spot mirror sensor part. Vendor on Aliexpress: 25.66US $ 15% OFF|Auto Wide Angle Left Right Heated Blind Spot Wing Rear Mirror Glass For Toyota Sienna 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018- - Mirror & Covers - AliExpress Shipping had taken around 4 weeks and the quality was right on part with the OEM. Seems like the brackets for the blind spot sensor had changed so some trimming was needed. Use a blowdryer/heatgun to warm up the OEM sensor to make it easy for removal when you switch.

aspherical aftermarket view:
Tire Wheel Plant Motor vehicle Hood

OEM view:
Plant Vehicle Mirror Wheel Automotive side-view mirror

remove the oem mirror by pushing it down and forward on the lower end to expose the top, pull hard from the top to unlatch the top holder, then pull up slightly to unhitch the lower two prongs.

OEM versus aftermarket:
Engineering Auto part Electronic engineering Machine Metal

disconnect you cables for the heater top left and then pull the black connector apart for blind spot sensor connection.

move to a work area and lay out the mirrors to prepare for the blind spot sensor swap:
Sleeve Grey Font Bag Collar

heat up the glass side near the sensor and then the back side:
Hood Grey Bumper Bag Automotive wheel system

the sensor is glued and clipped. my OEM clip broke during the process
Pliers Finger Tool Electrical wiring Cable

the sensor itself might also come loose from the clear plastic facia plate but its just clipped in:

Circuit component Finger Hardware programmer Gadget Cable

Hood Sleeve Technology Auto part Automotive design

put everything back together:

Hand Gesture Finger Thumb Gadget

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had to split the post since only 10 pics are allowed

my OEM mirror clip assembly was slight different than the aftermarket one:
Motor vehicle Engineering Machine gun Bicycle handlebar Automotive tire

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

leave the green sticky backing in place while you do any trimming and fitment work!!!!!
Hood Circuit component Electronic instrument Bicycle part Audio equipment

I had to cut off the two "vampire prongs on the inside part of the mirror:
Electronic device Metal Composite material Gadget Machine

if not cut the sensor won't sit flush:
Hood Bumper Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Trunk

vampire prongs cut where screwdriver is pointing to:

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Trunk Automotive wheel system

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive tire Auto part

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