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Auto A/C....what controls the heater fan relay? Anyone got a wiring diagram?

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I have a 2007 XLE AWD and the front heater fan doesn't work. (I have no power to the fan) Rear heater works fine and all the lights and functions on the automatic heater control appear to be working properly. I have traced the large fan wire back to the fuse panel/relay. There is power at the relay, and the relay works...but I'm not too sure what controls this relay to send the power through to the fan motor.
Any ideas?
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The repair manual lists the following things to check.

1. Blower resistor (manual only)
2. Heater relay
3. Blower motor
4. Heater blower switch
5. A/C amplifier
6. Integration control and panel assembly
7. Wire harness or connector

The power to the blower motor starts in the engine compartment with the 50A HTR fuse. It then goes via the blue-lavender wire to the Blower Motor Controller (Front) on the which is located below the glove box. The Controller black wire goes to the blower motor. The Blower Motor Controller (Front) is controlled via the yellow-purple wire from the A/C Control Assembly which is located above and to the right of the shifter. This assembly has a white 40-pin connector.
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