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Auto-close slider smashed my child

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I thought the auto-close slider had an anti-smash feature???

My daughter (2) pressed the button and then got her foot caught in the door. It closed ALL THE WAY on her foot. I didn't think they were supposed to do that!! Was her foot just too small for the door to "notice", or would it have crushed her whole body had she gotten halfway out????

Any one else get smashed in the auto-close door?????

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I know this is an older thread. Today we had this issue with our 2012 Sienna XLE. Every once in a while the key fob in my pocket gets pressed long enough to open/close the doors when I'm moving things around. I just came around from the back of the vehicle to see my two year old full torso being crushed. I had to pull back on the automatic door with all of my might. It continued to fight me the entire throw distance. That motor is super strong. I was digging in my heels like I was playing tug of war and that bloody door almost won. Needless to say we permanently disabled the automatic doors after seeing that happen. I'm still having nightmares thinking about it. My two year old was almost turned into ketchup right in front of my eyes.
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