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Auto-close slider smashed my child

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I thought the auto-close slider had an anti-smash feature???

My daughter (2) pressed the button and then got her foot caught in the door. It closed ALL THE WAY on her foot. I didn't think they were supposed to do that!! Was her foot just too small for the door to "notice", or would it have crushed her whole body had she gotten halfway out????

Any one else get smashed in the auto-close door?????

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gosh...hope she's "ok". :eek: ??? :-\
Did it NOT reverse at all?? Or was the reaction delayed?

I just went and tried/double-checked mine. I used an old t-shirt that's been retired to "rag" duty. I bunched it up into a "block" (probably about the width of a small child's foot), but I felt that it was still relatively soft, pliable, and compressible. I placed the t-shirt at floor-level of the interior of the van protruding out, and allowed the door to close on it while I watched from inside. The motorized door did push against it pretty hard trying to close, but it did reverse without too much delay, as it is supposed to do.

I think the function is designed so that although it might compress an object, it would avoid actual "amputation" of that obstruction. It's not sensitive enough to be a "touch" sensor. It takes quite a bit of force or a solid object (or one that is "crushed/pinched") to make it reverse. My perception is that we may want it to be a "touch" sensor where if it barely brushes against something then it will reverse, but that is not the case. Yeah....getting crushed by it would likely result in at least some nasty bruises (and frayed nerves), if not a broken bone or two (depends on other factors and the location of the crush-injury). All-in-all, although still "scary", it is probably better than having a manual door actually slammed/closed on a body part.

Watch the little fingers and toes....

Good Luck!! 8)
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The way it tried very hard to push against my rolled-up t-shirt (and the sound of the motor straining) would lead me to believe that at least at the bottom of the door area there is NO contact sensor, but a load sensor is utilized instead. There is a contact sensor strip closer towards the middle of the door edge, but you have to give it a fair whack for it to respond and reverse the least on mine. Perhaps the system uses both sensors, with a load sensor as a "backup". I dunno.... ??? ??? YMMV.
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