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Auto-close slider smashed my child

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I thought the auto-close slider had an anti-smash feature???

My daughter (2) pressed the button and then got her foot caught in the door. It closed ALL THE WAY on her foot. I didn't think they were supposed to do that!! Was her foot just too small for the door to "notice", or would it have crushed her whole body had she gotten halfway out????

Any one else get smashed in the auto-close door?????

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Hard lesson for her, but she'll probably never forget it. As an aside, I do remember a couple of crushed fingers growing up and getting them squished in car doors every once in a while. The old manual kind of doors, that is.

Aviatrix said:
She's OK, but did get a bruise and was scared. Looks like I'll be testing it with a shirt or something as the rest of you have done. If it doesn't reverse, guess I have to take it in!

The good news is she's smart enough to now be weary of the door and get out of the way, as she should be.

Thanks for the baseline, I'll let you know what happens during my test!
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