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Following codes are present:
P0713 - Transmission fluid temperature sensor.
C1201 - Brake Boost Sensor Circuit
C1241 - Low battery positive voltage or abnormally high battery positive voltage

I just purchased a 2011 Sienna XLE AWD (151kmiles). This was to replace a 2004 Sienna (285kmiles) which was totaled by my insurance company for bodywork that surpassed the value.

Didn't know it when I blindly bid on the vehicle the transmission was replaced 3k miles ago (label on engine bay for Jasper engines called to verify and transferred the warranty) and the vehicle made a lot of noise when in "Drive" .... the Viscous Coupler between the differential shaft and the differential had a bad bearing. I replaced the bearing myself and the issue was fixed.

I was able to drive the vehicle prior to the coupler repair at the time no lights present on the dash, only the bad bearing noise.

After the repair the following lights present:
- Check VSC System
-Check Engine
-Triangle with exclamation-point(!)

Changed the gas-cap and all lights went away..then came back on after driving 50 miles.

Any hep would be greatly appreciated.
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