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2011 sienna se - no navigation unit
I am attempting to add a backup camera override button to our minivan.
The backup camera is displayed on the Accessory meter display (small screen right under the dashboard)
I have attached a wiring diagram of the display and the backup camera wiring

I have installed a relay on the black #3 wire. It is a form C relay so when normal or de-energized the wire #3 is connected like the diagram shows. I connected a 12 volt wire to the other side of the relay. When the relay is energized, it disconnects the black wire going to terminal 31 (or back into the van/ instrument cluster) it also applies 12 volts to pin 3 of the display, which is the reverse signal pin.

I tested the van before doing anything, and pin 3, the black wire, has 12 volts, only when the van is in reverse. All the other wires are not affected if the van is in reverse or not.

However, once I got everything installed... it does not work.
I have tested that while the van is in ANY gear position, the red wire pin #10 is outputting about 6 volts to power the camera. I have tested that the relay is working fine and applies 12 volts to pin 3. Not sure what I am missing and I couldn't find any threads about this type of thing.

Does anyone have experience with this?
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