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Barrier to keep dog out of front seat

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Has anyone rigged up a dog guard to keep the pooch from climbing over the center console into the front passenger seat?

I took two motorcycle cargo nets (about 15" square, the kind you use to bunjee a helmet onto your back seat), lashed them together into a rectangular shape, hooked the top corners to the inboard driver and passenger headrest posts, and the bottom corners to the seat tracks, thereby covering the open space between the driver and passenger seats. The net extended all the way from the floor to the top of the seatbacks.

Within two minutes, my 70 pound black lab got his snout underneath the net at the bottom, made his way past the net, and was sitting in the passenger seat where he wanted to be.
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Whoever comes up with a solution will help keep toddlers out as well (ie. when the vehicle is not moving)
We bought a commercially available product specifically for this purpose; it looks basically like the Kurgo Car Barrier, although it is a different brand. It does not fit the Sienna well, because it is for a narrower vehicle, so it was not satisfactory.

We also have a rigid barrier, looking much like this one: 10 Bar Euro Pet Barrier... but again, another brand and different in details. We have never used it behind the front seat, but instead further back with all of the seats folded. It worked okay, but dents the headliner and is only held by friction. We have not used it recently.

Use Google or whatever to search for "pet barrier", and both of these designs show up.

If we were to carry the current dog in the Sienna very much, I would go looking for a suitable crate, even though it would need to be quite large (it's just a German Shepherd / Border Collie cross, but that's still a big box to put in a minivan).
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