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Be Careful of What You Click On!!

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The impetus for creating this thread was the discovery by Moderator [kolkh] of a member (since BANNED) attempting to place a potentially malicious web-link on our forum in the guise of a plea for help on a forum registration problem. Unfortunately, we have to deal with potential scammers, spammers, and other people with "nothing else better to do" from time-to-time here. It's a part of what your SiennaChat Mod-Squad does behind-the-scenes to help maintain the integrity and usability of your forum.

As a reminder to all of our members and guests, please be VERY CAREFUL when you see a link to ANY website wherever you might be on the Internet. Verify that the link actually goes to where it is supposed to or claims to go to (it is very easy to "say/write" one thing and "link" to another...see just TWO examples of how it can be done below). Do not blindly follow/click on "blind" links (where you cannot actually see WHERE the link is going). And if it is a place you have never heard of before or are suspicious about, RESEARCH IT FIRST. Think of it as a stranger leading you down a dark alley or into the wilderness. It might be perfectly fine/safe, but it might not....

1. Google
2. [url][/url]
The above links look like they will lead you to Google, but in fact one leads to Yahoo and one leads to Microsoft instead.

If you come across any suspicious links or messages from other members, please report it and bring it to our attention. You can also immediately post a warning in response to the offending post to warn other members that come across it after you do. Of course, it will be "after the fact", but hopefully it will keep a few people from potential harm before we are able to take care of it behind-the-scenes.

Just like you can potentially catch some diseases by simply touching or breathing/ingesting something in the real world, your computer can catch some bad-things just by simply clicking on/viewing some bad websites/links. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU CLICK ON.

Most web-browsers allow you to see a link your mouse cursor is hovering over. It will usually appear at the lower portion of the open browser window, or perhaps in a pop-up/bubble/tag. However, sometimes the link does not reveal itself due to the way the link is "coded". Don't just rely on a "description" of the link, you want the ACTUAL link (URL) itself. Sometimes, you can [right-click] on the link and [copy] it to the [clipboard] or any text document so you can then view the link.

I have also started a thread regarding Computer Security. Please share any tips and experiences you might have...
Try here:,838.0.html

And remember...

Good Luck!! 8)
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Just a New Year's reminder....

First of all, apologies to those of you that may have encountered some of the inappropriate content and links that were posted by a spammer earlier today.

The spammers don't sleep (or at least their spam networks don't) and many of them make a very good living by posting spam by users (aka "you") clicking on their links (they get paid EACH time someone clicks on their links), or they may be really bad/criminals posting other links of a malicious nature to harvest YOUR personal data and/or to INFECT YOUR computers.

The offending spammer has been BANNED, but the reality is that he/she will probably be back under a different guise and username on a different day. We (your SiennaChat Admins/Moderators) make every effort to combat and deal with spammers (there's a lot you don't see) ASAP, but we cannot be here 24/7 to monitor each and every post or member, and an occasional spammer will slip through temporarily.

= Be careful of what you click on.
= Avoid viewing obvious topics of a dubious/suspicious nature......"sex" topics, get-rich-quick-schemes, gambling, pharmaceuticals/medications, dieting, financial services, debt relief/consolidation, and many others. There are of course, "legitimate" products & services for those requiring them, but do your own research and ask a lot of questions. Do not believe everything you read/see on the internet....or in real life.
= If an offer or promise of results sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not take the bait. Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.
= Blind faith on the internet can lead you into a lot of trouble. Blind clicking/viewing can do the same.
= Do not encourage spammers by clicking on their links or responding to their ads/posts/comments/e-mails for products & services.
= If you come across an inappropriate post, please click on the link that says [Report to moderator] found below every comment, and/or send a PM to one of the Admins/Moderators, and/or post a reply/comment to warn others. We will make every effort to review the post in question when we are next logged-in (we do have jobs/families/etc).

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Happy & Safe New Year to All!! 8)
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Thanks topspy.

I didn't want this content to even load up in my browser at work and so I couldn't do much about it as a moderator.
Who knows if it sets off alarms. Didn't want to get into trouble.
not sure which is worse......boss looking over your shoulder (monitoring internet access), or 5 y/o child in the same room. ??? :eek: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Just a quick thanks for all the volunteer efforts that go into keeping this site active. It's not just the costs, but time and effort, that make it what is is:

tcp said:
Just a quick thanks for all the volunteer efforts that go into keeping this site active. It's not just the costs, but time and effort, that make it what is is:

Yes, thanks! :)
Same here Thanks !!! job well done
The first thing I do is look at my messages if there is any.

Thank you for sending me the message. By the time I logged in Topspy had it all cleaned up. ;)

We try to keep on top of it at all times to keep the forum clean for all of us to enjoy.

Now back to our regular program........(for now)

BTW Buggy it was not all that good....
thanks for the update.

You guys did a good job. It's getting too common for spammer to spam on forums, support group on the Internet. Just be caution.
Good job to all those that reported it and the mods that took quick action.

The thought of requiring new members to be verified by a moderator has been in my mind before. The above mentioned spam has been the only first real instance of unwelcomed adult material posted here.

Thank you for keeping this forum clean!!
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