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Well, after my 2010 got totaled I started looking at early 3rd gens, a lot of the early 3rd gens had above 150k+ miles in my area and were asking for for 12k+, after a few days I decided to look at newer one I found a 2016 with 76k miles for $24k with a $6k down payment.

My 2010 was a AWD, this time I decided to go with a FWD, AWD was nice and all especially during the snow but I don't get insane amount of snow over here. I personally don't want to deal with transfer case leaks and dropping the engine for that again after having to do that in my 2010.

I'm most likely going to do a trans drain and fill at 100k miles as the tranny shifts fine, the vehicle was a rental vehicle so I expect it to be maintained only has a few records of being at the dealer only once for an oil change.

Anything wrong with doing a drain and fill at 100k miles? I currently don't have a lot of money and if I can put it off till 100k miles.

I'm honestly excited for the next adventures I'm going to have with this car and take it to 250k miles again. I'm definitely going to miss my 2010 Sienna but everything comes to an end.
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