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Just picked up my 2015 Sienna Limited Premium. Only have 100 miles on it but I love it so far. This is my third Sienna. My 2004 I've been driving since new and is in mint condition, my mechanic was quick to offer to buy it from me! The only complaints I have is ....1. The mid row seats don't fold down to make ottoman for third row seats. 2. There's no hook on side of dashboard (near middle ) to hang my trash bag. There was one on my 04. 3. Not really great gas mileage probably because it's AWD. 4. I don't like that there is no horizontal carpet runner in the middle row ( also had this on my 04). The carpet from my 04 fits just fine in the 15, so I know it can work with little interruption of the sliding seats. Does anyone know where I can order a new carpet? I'm actually looking for something with a modern/contemporary pattern. I know I may have to go to a local carpet store but I doubt they'd put the little rubber spikes on the back that keep it from sliding around. BTW I did not get the reclining/footrest middle seats. Instead I ordered two 17" square bean filled hassocks from target . Any suggestions for my mid row carpet would be appreciated!
thank you
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