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The online and store retailer searches identify the wrong cabin air filter for the 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE and Limited trim models. For example, Advanced Auto Parts identifies Purolator part #C35479 as an exact's NOT! They are completely different in appearance and the Purolator is too big for the filter tray. So back it went.

The existing filter I pulled out is Car Quest part #89875 (see photo). Online searches say that this filter does not fit the 2005 Sienna XLEs in question...IT DOES! A small local retailer cross-referenced this part number and I bought the Federated Auto Parts part #AFC1154 - a perfect fit! Other part numbers on the box are identified that this can also replace:

Fram #CF9846A
PTC #3962

Only heard of Fram, but between these four, the Federated and the Car Quest numbers, you can be sure to get the right cabin air filter.
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