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Check your windshield Cowl cover... mine flew away

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Like the tittle says:
Was on the highway cruising at about 80mph and suddenly I heard a pop, like something banged my windshield.
I stopped safely when I could, checked everything and saw nothing. I kept on driving.
Once at my destination I noticed this:
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I went to the dealership and told them what happened, and they said that it had to be evaluated since this is not covered by warranty........... the van had to stay "for evaluation"
I asked how much the piece was and was quoted 30 bucks plus labor. for 30 bucks I said F - IT!
I installed it myself in less than a minute
time is money people!
The only way it could have flown over like that is if during the assembly line process it was not clipped all the way through......
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So this is just a small PSA to check your pieces that they are properly secured.
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It looks like the window is chipped at the bottom corner.
just checked, glass is intact, it seems like its not, but not a single chip there.
That's good. Just looked like it from the photo.
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