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Thanks for sharing. I’m a little surprised the overall reliability rating is yellow despite having only two yellow and two single green marks. The 2017 by comparison had, according to CR, worse issues with the engine, transmission, and body integrity but scored a higher overall reliability. Going back to 2012, the 2021 has more double green (excellent) marks than any of the previous years, as well. Could someone explain that?

Consumer Reports recommends all of the mini vans, except for the Pacifica.
Only thought I have is the overall score has to be weighted in certain categories? That or the score is weighted against other cars in the same class?

Either way, I guess I don't put heavy stock in consumer reports, to be completely honest. I don't know enough of what they measure, how they measure it, etc. to really go off their recommendations over what I can get from a test drive myself.
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