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Coolant and Radiator Hose Change Sienna 2012 AWD

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I recently changed the coolant and radiator pipes on our AWD Sienna. There were very few pictures and video’s available that showed the location of the various engine block drains so I’m including a few pictures here to help anyone else out. I try to change radiator hoses every 10 years or so after one burst leading to a melted engine head on a previous car!!

The main drain plug for the radiator can easily be reached from the top of the engine. I left the radiator cap on to force vacuum to suck the coolant from the top up reservoir, once that was achieved I opened the radiator and removed the reservoir as I like to clean them.
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Top radiator hose clearly visible once the air intake feed has been removed. The plastic camps holding he emissions sensor wire – see red tag can be opened by pressing the little y shaped plastic bits together. Removal of the hose is simple, but did require me to cut one end as it had fused to the male receiver.

While I bled the Front engine block drain I would not do so in the future as only a small dribble of coolant came out. It is accessed from above by removing the exhaust heat shield 3 M10 bolts from memory – just move it to the side. It is below the shield close to the oil dipstick
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You can just see the socket wrench on the front bleed valve here
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To access the lower hose I decided to take off the valance again 10 mm bolts plus two of those nasty press fastners that snapped as I removed them. The lower hose drained way more fluid than either the rear or front drain plugs. It may be because I removed it prior to finding and draining the rear drain. Picture of coolant from lower hose
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Now the rear block drain took me ages to find. Eventually I removed the passenger side wheel to get my body in a position where I could get a long ¼ extension bar and drain tube in place. Starting on left hand side of drive shaft. This view is from the wheel arch
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This is the view showing where I accessed from under the car
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A closer up view of the acutal valve location
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This is what came out of the rear drain

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I hope this helps you all. As you can see it is clear the previous owner changed the coolant as I suspect that is not 10 year and 145K miles given how bright pink it is. But no way of knowing that without draining par or all of the system.
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It would be nice, if you can post full size images so we can see more clearly.

Thank you
It would be nice, if you can post full size images so we can see more clearly.

Thank you
I would recommend you zoom in using native browser technology or save to a folder and manipulate locally both will end up in the same place.
I would recommend you zoom in using native browser technology or save to a folder and manipulate locally both will end up in the same place.
Well this is zoomed with native browser tech, on a desktop. Bigger, but not clear.
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And this is downloaded. I could not find a way to download a higher res picture.
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It appears you either resized the images before uploading, did some odd settings when uploading/attaching, or have a really, really low res source.

Just for reference, you don't need to do any manual resizing (if you did), just let the forum handle the resizing is the best option here. The forum will do some moderate resizing/quality reduction to save storage space, but you don't need to resize the image manually, because unlike older forums, XenForo, the software that runs this forum, will display full size images and automatically resize them to the browser width of the person viewing. Very slick. They can then click the image to open it separately, and there's then an option to download the full image if desired. Here's one of my pictures, to illustrate what that looks like. Try resizing the width of your browser when viewing this picture, it automatically shrinks to fit the width of your screen! Or click it to open even bigger in it's own window!

If you prefer to not post as a full image, when attaching to a post, click "thumbnail" and it puts in a small image, but then lets users click that image to blow it up to full size in full resolution. Example of that (click this thumbnail):
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I'm not sure what you did, but high res options on your pics aren't really an option, modern browser tech regardless. Hopefully this helps, happy to share more details if you'd like. :)
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