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Cooling system issues

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Cooling fan has been cycling more often, no hot air from the heater, and the temperature guage keeps fluctuating. Guage stays in the normal range when driving, but almost reaches the red zone when vehicle is stopped (drops back down when in motion). Coolant level was topped off, but this is still happening.

Any suggestions? If it points towartds the thermostat being replaced, any instructions on how to replace it?
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My feelings exactly. We have over 5300 members who are somewhat more enlightened about information on their Siennas. I'm sure not even 1% of our members have had this problem. I'll agree that it's not nice to have a water pump fail. But things will break. There are a certain percentage of defects in manufacturing and installing anything.

Now to have two different water pumps fail on the same van, that's a problem!

Regards, JC.
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