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Creaking noise when turning sharp to left on right wheel.. CV Axle bad?

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So I am trying to diagnose what is making this noise. I lifted the Van and put it in drive and turned the wheel all the way to the left with wheels spinning and the noise is gone. But if it is on the ground and turning to the left it makes a creaking/grinding noise intermittently like at specific points of the wheel turning not the entire way around. I am still leaning towards CV joints of the axle being bad but what else could it be? Also this is a 2005 Sienna.
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Mine a 2006, did the same and ended up replacing the whole cv axle, it is way easier. I also replace inner and outer tie rods, just inner were absolutely worn out but hey dont wanna be down there in a while so replaced inner and outer, one wont notice the damage until you brake free all the rust that seizes the outer tie rod to the wheel hub, once you remove the castle nut and separate the outer tie rod from the hub you will see and feel how damaged the inner tie rod is, lots of play and yes, noise from there, a new set of tight rods are worth it.

You are not going to chase that noise when the van is free on the air Without Load, grab a buddy go somewhere like a mall parking lot and steer all the way to the left just before lock cause it is not good for the rack and then put tranny n 1 then move slowly while you or your buddy chase that sound if nothing pops out stop the van and repeat but instead of moving slowly hammer down that gas pedal(be carefull) and you will feel the van jumping then u´re done, check the other side as well.

If you have no issues with steering and alignment forget about the rack bushings otherwise that could also be a problem.
My bet s n the cv axles and tie rods.

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